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Structural Repairs


Structural Movement and Settlement Solutions

Structural repairs will be essential for most properties throughout their lives. Often buildings move due to the weather being extremely dry or very wet and as a result, the substrate below properties shrinks or expands. This can cause movement in the property which often takes the form of “stepped cracking”. This can also be caused by inadequate foundations. 

When external walls are not tied correctly into cross walls, outward movement of the wall can sometimes occur. 

If any of these forms of movement occur then a Structural Engineer should be contacted in the first instance. 

A structural engineer will determine the exact cause of the movement and then provide a course of action.

Property Remedies will prepare a written quotation for the work in collaboration with the Structural Engineer and then If our quotation is accepted we will carry out the work to remedy the problem, at all times we will liaise with the Structural Engineer. 

Upon satisfactory completion of the work, the engineer will issue “Certification” which will be required in the event of resale of the property. 


How can we help?

The work usually involves restraining the identified wall. We will use steel strapping and fracture bonding with a stainless steel bar across any of the stepped cracks.

Surveys are carried out initially and every case is different but Property Remedies can give advice and recommend Structural Engineers if the client has not already appointed one. 

Following our inspection, a report and quotation will be sent to you for your consideration, and in some cases for passing on to Vendors or Building Societies if required.

The problem is remedied by our experienced and highly trained staff, who have specialised for several years in dealing with this type of work.

We pride ourselves on the service we provide and our completed work comes with Insurance backed Guarantees for Damp and Timber problems, or in the case of Structural Work, with Engineers Certification.

Why Choose Us

Survey within 24 hours

We carry out observations and give recommendations followed by a report and quotation


Most of our work is guaranteed between 10 - 25 years


Any structural work is certified by structural engineers which most building societies require when granting mortgages and loans

Over 30 years experience

You will benefit from over 30 years experience when dealing with us. You're in safe hands