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Cellar Conversions

Cellar Conversions

Cellar conversions can open up a once uninhabitable space. 

Quite often in older houses, there are cellars which are damp and in some cases have running water coming through floors or walls. In this state, they cannot be used for habitable purposes. 

With the help of Platon Cavity Drain Membranes Tanking System and an automatic Drainage system with sump pumps installed a once unused cellar can become the extra room you need.

Wet Cellar Treatments

Quite often cellars are found to be suffering from ingress of water and cannot be used for storage purposes. We can undertake work to make the cellar usable for storage purposes without carrying out a full Tanking System and keep the water ingress under control.

This will provide a less costly but efficient compromise to a full tanking system. Property Remedies can carry out a survey and advise you on the courses of action available to you. Click here to contact us about water in the cellar.

Surveys are carried out initially and every case is different but Property Remedies can give advice and recommend Structural Engineers if the client has not already appointed one.

Following our inspection, a report, and quotation will be sent for your consideration, and in some cases for passing on to Vendors or Building Societies if required.

The solution to your problem is dealt with by our experienced professional and highly trained staff, who have specialised for several years in dealing with this type of work.

We pride ourselves on the service we provide and our completed work comes with Insurance backed Guarantees for Damp and Timber problems, or in the case of Structural Work, with Engineers Certification.

Why Choose Us

Survey within 24 hours

We carry out observations and give recommendations followed by a report and quotation


Most of our work is guaranteed between 10 - 25 years


Any structural work is certified by structural engineers which most building societies require when granting mortgages and loans

Over 30 years experience

You will benefit from over 30 years experience when dealing with us. You're in safe hands