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Damp Proofing

Damp Proofing Treatments – Rising Damp

Rising Damp Solutions

A common damp-proofing issue is rising damp. Rising damp normally occurs at the ground floor level. This can be caused by the damp proof course not being installed or the breakdown of the damp proof course system which results in a capillary action causing damp patches. 

The symptoms of rising damp can be seen in wallpaper staining and discolouration.

We will survey your property. 

After we have conducted your survey within 24 hours, we will contact and advise you of the cause and the recommended solution.

Additionally, a report, quotation and plan will be supplied following our damp proofing survey. 

Lenders often require this for mortgage purposes.

 This work involves:

1. Removal of skirting, radiators, damp plaster

2. Drilling and Injecting of the Damp wall with Tri Gel Cream

3. Followed by re-plastering with a waterproof plaster.

 Additionally, a 10-year guarantee is available following this remedial work.

Damp Proofing Treatments – Penetrating Damp

Penetrating Damp Solutions

Penetrating damp occurs at lower ground levels due to the high external levels and the Back to Earth nature. This can also occur where stone and brick walls face the weathering side in exposed locations. This makes the brick porous allowing penetrating damp to occur at both high and low levels as cavities are often bridged with either debris or in some instances cavity insulation.


 This work involves:

1. The removal of affected plasterwork.
2. Lining the internal wall with Platon Plaster Membrane.
3. Re-plastering onto the Membrane.

 10 Year Guarantees are available for this work.

We will carry out a damp-proofing survey of your property within 24 hours. We will then advise you of the cause and the solutions to the problem. 

 A Report, Quotation and Plan will be sent to you which is often required by Lenders for Mortgage purposes.

Damp Proofing – Condensation and Mould Growth Treatments

Condensation and Mould Growth Solutions

Modern living with double glazing and well-sealed properties in some cases is now causing problems. 

High levels of moisture are held in the warm air during the daytime when the central heating is on, but during the night when the heating is off and temperatures drop condensation occurs. 

Condensation occurs, usually on outside walls and in areas with restricted airflow. 

Ventilation helps with this problem with either Air Bricks or electrical Humidity Extractor Fans that operate automatically.

Property Remedies will advise you on the best way to cure your condensation and mould growth problems. 

Additionally, we will prepare a Report and Quotation for the damp proofing work.