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Exterior Wall Insulation

Exterior wall Insulation

It is now common knowledge that by Insulating the walls of a property it will save up to 35% of the heat loss, resulting in reduced heating bills.

The Government is now pushing for all householders to have this work done and local councils are promoting the installation of  “cavity wall Insulation” or exterior wall insulation as you may know it.

However, there is a downside to the benefit of cavity wall insulation. In some instances, if the property is not assessed and surveyed correctly by the installation company before the installation, then in certain cases problems can arise.

As a result of cavity wall insulation, Property Remedies have been asked to remedy problems arising as a result of cavity installation in properties where there was evidence of “Wall Tie” deterioration, or where the property was in an exposed location and driving rain penetrated through the outer skin of the building, thus wetting the insulation. In these cases, damp patches subsequently occurred on the inner walls of the property spoiling decorations.

Unfortunately, if this occurs the only remedy available is to remove the insulation which would otherwise continue to cause damp problems to the interior of the property.

How can we help?

Property Remedies can repair the damage caused, both internally and externally to the fabric of the building and in line with Government thinking can clad the exterior walls with the necessary Insulation, then render over the new installation in a choice of different coloured renders thus leaving the cavity to do the job it was designed for in the first place.

Initially, a Survey is carried out and every case is different but Property Remedies can give advice and recommend Structural Engineers if the client has not already appointed one.

Following our inspection a report, and quotation will be sent for your consideration, and in some cases for passing on to Vendors or Building Societies if required.

The solution to your problem is dealt with by our experienced professional and trained staff, who have specialised for several years in dealing with this type of work.

We pride ourselves on the service we provide and our completed work comes with Insurance backed Guarantees for Damp and Timber problems, or in the case of Structural Work, with Engineers Certification.


Why Choose Us

Survey within 24 hours

We carry out observations and give recommendations followed by a report and quotation


Most of our work is guaranteed between 10 - 25 years


Any structural work is certified by structural engineers which most building societies require when granting mortgages and loans

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You will benefit from over 30 years experience when dealing with us. You're in safe hands